Transatlantic Crossing – Start

Now this will be super short, as we are so busy to get everything ready. We will write  much more in detail with pictures later on, but tonight it is simply too much to share accurately what we have done. And frankly speaking, we are nervous!

In brief:
Preparations completed
Final repairs done
Odysseus with the outboard engine arrived Saturday 10
Attended seminars and briefing sessions
Checked weather and defined route to Cape Verdes
Celebrated with other crews every evening
Completed provisioning
Fishing equipment added to the boat
Tested and checked boat all over
Passed all security tests

Now you can follow us on our way, as a GPS tracker is fixed to the boat.

You can download the free APP: YP Races.

There you select amongst many races: ARC+2018 via Cape Verdes.
Boat name of course as always is “Ithaka”. Watch out there will be another Ithaka which will depart in another ARC race only in 2 weeks.

Now, please wish us all the best for a smooth cruise for our transatlantic crossing via Cape Verdes.

All the best

Christoph and Angela





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