When we started planning we intended to circumnavigate the world following predominantly the trade winds in the northern and southern equatorial zones. The route is known as the classical „barefeet route“ or better in German „Barfußroute“. See as follows this route:

Worldtour map.png

However, we started 2017 in Medemblik / Netherlands and we returned, much earlier than planned due to the Corona Pandemie, July 2020 in Ijmuiden/Netherlands and finally some weeks later in Hindeloopen/Netherlands just opposite to Medemblik on the Ijsselmeer.

At first sailed the ship from Brest to Lagos/Portugal in 2017 from where we departed for the Atlantic Crossing in September 2018. Our route led us to the Canary Island and over the Cap Verdes Islands to the Carribean Sea. We arrived in Saint Lucia in December 2018. After that we explored the Carribean Sea and made in Summer 2019 a trip by flight to the US to explore Florida. Due to the Corona Pandemie and other experiences we had made we returned to Europe via the Azores, A Coruna to the Netherlands. Overall we sailed just over 12000 nm with Ithaka.

Our Atlantic trip:

After we have returned safely in Europe we have sold SY Ithaka and bought MS Bora Bora with which we intend to explore the European inland waterways and coasts.